Walk in Bathtubs - Finding the right Choice

Walk in Bathtubs - Finding the right Choice

In the past Two decades, the walk in bathtub has grown from your hidden concept to a huge industry.Walk In Bath Tubs Knoxville TN The requirements of the baby boomer marketplace for a product that is both attractive, safe, of excellent quality and affordable has encouraged companies being diligent in offering items that consumers are looking for.

One company, Safety Bath Walk-in Tubs, has made it easier for buyers to choose a bathtub that fits their own individual needs by providing an extensive range of styles. Safety Bath offers seven different walk in bathtub models in addition to a walk in shower and bathtub conversion kits. Each is designed for left or right hand drains. Every one has its own unique characteristics, in order that those that require assistance to penetrate or exit a bathtub need to only come to one place to find the best choice.

A recent development continues to be incorporating a fresh water jet/hydro therapy system which includes an in-line heater maintaining your water warmer longer Or perhaps a dual jet system which includes both air and water. Also available is surely an optional Ozonator O3 System. This ingenious module incorporates an aura compressor and also the VUV (Very Ultra-violet) ozonator plus an electronic control that controls the sanitization procedure for your water jet bathtub.

� The Rio all-in-one

The Rio is surely an elegantly designed bathtub for bathers that need a deep soak. We have an outward swing door design and is considered the easiest tub to penetrate in the marketplace. It is for sale in 2 widths, 29" and 26" in width and is purchased like a soaker tub or as a 16 jet heated air massage tub. Panels are also available if you need to finish the tub using a surround. Walk In Bath Tubs Knoxville TN

� Fairmount

The Fairmount is definitely an economically priced walk in bathtub, offering an inswing door allowing for simple access generally in most bathroom layouts. The Fairmount is available like a soaker tub or like a 16 jet heated air massage tub and optional panels can be purchase to fill the room where a larger traditional tub once was.

� Panama

The Panama offers a wide 32" out-swing door allowing for easier access and also can be bought being a soaker tub or like a 16 jet warm air massage tub. It too includes optional end panels in order to complete off of the bathtub area.

� Serenity

The Serenity is the original walk in bathtub and because of its compact size is usually chosen by those people who are looking for a smaller tub footprint with less water usage. The Serenity can be obtained like a soaker, water jet or using a 12 jet warm air system.

� Stretch

The Stretch can be a slightly longer sort of the Serenity and is also suitable for those that need extended leg room. It's the perfect option for somebody that has ended 6 feet tall or somebody who has difficulty bending their knees while seated. Just like the Serenity, it's possible to choose a soaker tub, water jet or perhaps a 12 jet warm air system.

� Solo

The So-Lo can be a standard 5 foot bathtub using a side entry door. Made to meet the changing needs of the people boomer generation, the So-Lo permits the bather to get a full-length bath or shower without stepping on the bathtub wall. The Solo includes a safety seat/transfer bench so that the user can sit while bathing or just being bathed. Soaker, water jet or 12 jet hot air massage system are options.

� Supreme

The last was developed for use in long-term care facilities and hospitals, offering individuals with ambulatory abilities a less threatening and more dignified bath. Both clients and staff over these facilities have learned to love its simplicity of use. Because the Supreme is made for multiple client use, it gives you a San Air Hydrotherapy system, a sanitizing system, plus a back flow preventer.

� Waterton

Many people decide to shower but believe it is tiring or challenging to balance in the shower without a seat. The Waterton is a universal Low-Entry Shower that may fit into any standard bathtub space. It can be purchased without or with a wall surround which will finish off the area once occupied by way of a 5 ft bathtub.

� Bathtub Conversion Kits

If you are struggling to quit their traditional bathtub but find it hard to enter and exit the tub, a Door Insert Kit originated that will convert an existing bathtub into an accessible bathtub. By having a Custom Safety Seat/Transfer Bench, safe transfer into the bathtub and safe seating become a reality.